Meet Our Support Staff


Office Manager 

Born and raised in Denver, Colorado with one older brother and a single mom, Leslie learned first hand what hard work means. She graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder with a double major in Spanish and Biology, and a minor in Biochemistry.

Leslie moved up to Wyoming after graduation with now husband Bob, and they have made a life here in the Big Horn Basin. Together they raised two bright and enchanting daughters, Caitlyn and Gabrielle. Caitlyn graduated from the University of Wyoming in 2022 and is now working as a paralegal in Colorado. Gabrielle lives in Atlanta where she attends Emory University and performs in Emory Dance Company.

Leslie is an essential part of CVH. Her endless guidance, support, and expertise have made her a wonderful part of our team, and we don’t know what we’d do without her!

When she’s not at work you can probably find her in the saddle. Riding her horses is one of Leslie’s favorite ways to destress and soak in the beautiful countryside. She shares her love of raising Quarter Horses with her uncle, and mentor, Bruce.

Leslie also enjoys yoga with Meghan, fitness training with Lucas, keeping up with her Spanish literature, snuggling up with her two kitties and the family pup, listening to podcasts, or traveling the world.


Lead Veterinary Technician/Surgical Nurse

Gwendolyn is a Wyoming native through and through. She’s grown up doing all that Wyoming and The West are known for, and she’s loved every second of it. Today Gwen is raising her two beautiful kids, Charli and Brazen, in Cody with the same Western spirit.

Gwen has spent over a decade in the veterinary business learning and improving her technical skills. She earned her Bachelor’s at the University of Wyoming in Animal Science with a concentration in Pre-Vet and a minor in Range Livestock. Gwen then went on to become a certified Veterinary Technician before joining our team in 2020, where she has rapidly become a leader.

Gwen has been a tremendous asset to our veterinary patients and our team equally. She provides skill and knowledge beyond her years, and her ability to problem solve is incredible. If you were a gravely sick dog, horse, cat, or cow, you would definitely want Gwen by your side.

In her free time, you can find Gwen taking full advantage of our area in every season by roping, riding, skiing, kayaking, or spending time with her two kids.


Lead Veterinary Technician/Repro Technician

Native to Wyoming, Elizabeth was born and raised in Greybull. These days she calls Cody home alongside her four legged pal, Buck.

Elizabeth has been involved with veterinary medicine since 2018, learning on the job with numerous instructors. She came to us in March of 2022 and we haven’t been the same since – in the best way! Elizabeth has quickly picked up new information and taken a leading roll on our veterinary technician team. She’s such a thoughtful, kind addition to our team, and she makes everyone around her better. We would be lost without her!

Elizabeth prefers to stay busy. When she isn’t helping with emergencies or pitching in to take care of her colleagues’ animals, Elizabeth can be found outdoors. She’s becoming an avid hunter and horseman, and she loves taking a ride in the side by side.


Veterinary Technician/Lead Veterinary Nurse

Emilie is a Cody native, born and raised. Emilie and her husband Josh have settled down in Burlington, and they welcomed their handsome little son True in 2022! Their family consists of a huge herd of animals ranging from cats to pups to horses as they just can’t seem to say “no” to an animal in need.

Emilie received her Associate’s degree as a Veterinary Assistant prior to joining our team in 2019. She’s now working on her degree as a Veterinary Technician, and, once she’s gotten her second degree under her belt, Emilie wants to start pursuing Animal Physical Therapy. Emilie is extremely kind, knowledgeable, and dedicated to helping animals and people alike. She’s a wonderful member of our team, and we’re so grateful to get to spend our days with her.

Emilie is always eager to try something new. Right now she’s learning to rawhide braid, and she hopes to eventually make bosals, which are a beautiful piece of western tack. In her spare time, she loves to share her love of horses with the men in her life: Josh and True.


Veterinary Technician

Charley was born and raised in the small town of Talladega, Alabama. She started working in veterinary medicine shortly after she began college in 2019. While working full time at a veterinary office, she attended veterinary technician school and in 2022, graduated from Jefferson State Community College with her Veterinary Technician degree.

Charley moved to Cody to join our team at CVH in September 2023, and she is now thrilled to call The West her home. We’re so glad she decided to travel all this way to join us! As the newest addition, Charley has jumped right in with an eagerness to learn, a great sense of humor, and a smile that’s infectious.

Charley’s Wheaton Terrier, Arlo, and Yorkshire Terrier, Lilo, are her whole world. When she’s not spending time with her four-legged friends, she enjoys hiking, traveling, anything outdoors, concerts, and antique shopping.


Veterinary Technician

A native of our northern neighbor, Heather was born in Kalispell, Montana and grew up mostly in South Dakota. Today, Heather lives in Greybull with her husband Ty, their adorable little son Kooper, and their dogs Missie and Stormie.

Heather attended school in South Dakota where she received two degrees: one as a Veterinary Technician and the other in Auto Body. She joined our team in 2020, and she’s been an incredible addition ever since. Heather’s dedication to our patients, wisdom, leadership, and general handiness make her our go-to gal.

Heather is an outdoor-lover, and she can be found fly fishing, dirt biking, or relaxing in our wondrous mountain ranges whenever she has a chance. Heather’s adventurous spirit fits right in at CVH!


Veterinary Technician

Erin, another of our international gals, was born and raised in Manitoba, Canada. She moved to the States in 2002, then to Wyoming in 2008. She and her husband Mike have three fur babies: Finn and Shay, the two resident pups, and their equine partner Cady.

By trade, Erin is a massage therapist and practiced in Cody for many years. She decided to switch up her career from helping people to helping animals, and she’s enthusiastically taken on the new challenge.

Erin joined the CVH crew in 2022 where she’s been training as a veterinary technician. We are extremely lucky that Erin decided to make the jump to a new career and land with our team. She has allowed us to showcase our daily wins at CVH on our social media, and she gives our patients the best care. Erin is efficient and sees the big picture, which has made each of us and the care we provide better.

On a day off, you will probably find Erin working diligently on her very own small business Wyld Sisters! Erin creates wonderfully whimsical (and very smart) equine competition shirt designs that our team loves. Erin also likes to practice interior decorating and work with plants and flowers. Her creative spark doesn’t end there because Erin sings as well – the complete artistic package!


Client Service Representative 

Summer was born and raised in Port Angeles, Washington with two older brothers. Her father is originally from Wyoming, so she’s grown up with a strong connection to the state. In 2018, she had the opportunity to move to Powell to begin her education at Northwest College, where she graduated with a Certificate in Equine Riding and Training.

Summer has always wanted to work at a veterinary clinic, and we are so excited she chose to join our team at CVH in January of 2023. She is one of the warm and friendly faces you see when you come in with your furry friends. With her bubbly personality and positive attitude, Summer is always a bright spot in our day.

Summer currently lives with her partner Josh and three Idaho Shags: Grizzly Bear, Max, and Pryor. She also has three horses: Wilson, Dimples, and, her latest addition, Theo.

When Summer has free time, she enjoys baking, being outdoors, and participating in most equine events.


Client Service Representative 

Nyuki was born in Munich, Germany, and growing up split her time between both Germany and England. She moved to Cody when she married her late husband Michael. They raised two wonderful kids who are now each successful young adults. Conrad, her son, is now living in Colorado and recently engaged to his partner Emily. Bethany, her daughter, is attending medical school and is married to her partner James.

Nyuki’s eclectic experience has ranged from teaching piano to working as a phlebotomist. Looking for something new, she joined CVH in the fall of 2022 as another one of the warm faces you encounter walking into our clinic. Nyuki is extremely kind and genuine. She loves to connect with each person and animal that walks through our doors. Plus, she has the best stories!

During her time off, Nyuki enjoys taking walks with her furry friends, Finn and Alice, hiking, crocheting, gardening, watching British television, and relaxing with a nice glass of wine.