We routinely see a variety of surgical and medical cases as well as preventative medicine. On a regularly scheduled day, we admit as many as five to seven surgical patients ranging from a dog or cat with minor periodontal disease to ones requiring tumor resection. We might also see a hunting dog that has run through a fence after his bird or an unfortunate dog that tangled with a porcupine; we can handle nearly any medical emergency that comes through the door.

While the doctor and their technician work on the surgical patients, the other technicians work with patients to take care of bloodwork, vaccinations, toe nail trims, or any other minor veterinary task that may arise. Needless to say, with all that we offer, we stay very busy.

At Cody Veterinary Hospital, our staff provides the best service possible to ensure that your needs are taken care of. We believe that this service translates into a welcoming environment for you and your four-legged companions and strive to make you feel at home. Our office consistently makes follow-up phone calls to see how our patients are recovering from their last visit because we care about the long-term health of each animal.

Being located in a small town, we often see many of our clients outside the office. Our team cherishes getting to know many of our clients and patients on a personal basis. We take pride in the strong relationships and quality care we provide to the community here at Cody Veterinary Hospital.

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