Laser Therapy

Does your best fur legged friend or backcountry equine partner suffer from achy, stiff joints? Or perhaps your pup just had a surgical procedure. Maybe, you are ready to be done bandaging that wound on your horse’s leg before the snow flies! If you can relate to any of these situations, we have a new solution to offer you!  

Here at CVH, we JUST added a Companion therapy laser to our treatment options to help our animals feel their best! Laser therapy uses photobiomodulation technology to accelerate healing, reduce inflammation, and, most importantly, reduce pain – both chronic and acute! Some examples of conditions where laser therapy can benefit include: arthritis, wounds, fractures, degenerative joint disease, infections, strains/sprains, post surgical conditions, skin conditions like lick granulomas, and even chronic intestinal illness like inflammatory bowel disease. If you have any questions about laser therapy or would like to inquire if this could be an option for your pet, give us a call at (307) 587-3151. Continue to follow our Facebook page/Instagram to see case updates using laser therapy!